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Cold Call Scripts
Cold Call Scripts
Telemarketing Scripts
Scripts that get results. Everytime.
Strong professionally written scripts pave the way to telemarketing success. Putting the right words in the correct places not only ensures the outcome of any great cold calling script, but can also guarantee steady increases in your companies conversion rates. 

A well structured value driven script will explain to a potential customer not only your companies value proposition but also a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency is what ultimately closes the deal and generates income for your business.

We specialize is writing scripts that get results.

Our vast experience in script writing benefits our clients telemarketing campaigns. Having built hundreds of successful cold calling scripts, we are confident in our abilities to produce professional sales scripts that generate results.

Cold calling is difficult enough, why not have a team of professional script writers providing ammunition for your sales team?

Contact us before starting a telemarketing campaign. 
You will be happy that you did!

In The News
  • Top Telemarketing Scripts was awarded an international contract for creation of lead generation scripts for a large international insurance companies.
  • We have added Eric Saffern to our team. He comes with over 10 years experience in telesales/telemarketing and content writing.
  • We were honored with the prestigious "writers gold" certificate in a seo content writing contest!

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Cold Call Scripts
Cold Call Scripts
When you plan something important, you would never leave the small details to chance. Small doesn’t mean insignificant. When you use cold calling scripts for your business, you are making an investment that will increase your sales. Our specialty is writing cold call scripts that will make a significant difference in the success or failure of your sales-call.

Cold Call Scripts | Cold Calling Tips

A well-written cold call script is designed to hit all the finer points in your sales pitch: your message, what you can offer the other company, and that subtle sense of urgency that encourages the other party to close the deal, immediately! We have experience writing hundreds of cold calling scripts, for any kind of business. You can trust us to help your team make its sale.

Cold Calling Techniques | Cold Calling Scripts

Even though we write cold calling scripts, part of our service includes making sure that nothing comes out sounding forced or awkward. We will work with you and your team to write cold call scripts that work well for your product and your sales team. We provide our service to any type of business, from small companies to large Fortune 500 ones. cold calling techniques | cold calling scripts We offer competitive prices as well. Depending on the services needed, our top quality cold call scripts can range from 100usd per script to 449usd per scripts. It’s small investment to make for something that brings in huge returns.
When you need to make sure that employees will make that sale, contact us for telemarketing script first. We are the experts at writing cold calling scripts!

Cold Call Scripts | Cold Calling Tips

Cold Call Scripts | Telemarketing Scripts | Telesales Scripts

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