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  • Top Telemarketing Scripts was awarded an international contract for creation of lead generation scripts for a large international insurance companies.
  • We have added Eric Saffern to our team. He comes with over 10 years experience in telesales/telemarketing and content writing.
  • We were honored with the prestigious "writers gold" certificate in a seo content writing contest!

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At Top Telemarketing Scripts we pride ourselves in generating cold calling scripts that work. Our staff includes dozens of talented content writers teamed with sales professionals possessing years of telemarketing experience.

Writing a telemarketing script requires more than just understanding a product and its value proposition. A content writer for a cold calling script must have a strong understanding of who end user will be, and what he or she wants to hear in a sales pitch. While value propositions are important, they do not sell the product or service. 

At top telemarketing scripts we know how to sell the sizzle not the steak!

Contact us before you launch a telemarketing campaign in order to maximize results from cold calling. Already started a campaign? Contact us to see what a top level telemarketing script can do to help increase sales and revenue.
You know that you shouldn’t leave the success of your cold call and your warm call campaigns to chance. When you need to your team to make a sale, they should come to the phone with a plan, with the words they need to say already written, and already practiced. The ideal solution for you and your agents would be to use a telemarketing script. But you don’t want to buy your telesales scripts from a company that doesn’t understand your business, doesn’t understand your customers, and doesn’t have the experience that you can trust. When you need telemarketing scripts that will really make the sale, contact us.

Telesales Scripts | Telemarketing Scripts

We understand that you want your telesales scripts to appeal to your customer base, to market your product well, and to flow seamlessly from your agents’ lips. We know how you feel, and we can make it happen. Our staff is composed of content writers and sales professionals; people with years of sales experience, people who know how to make a product sell! The telemarketing scripts that our staff writes will work for your company, for your customers, and for your agents. We will work together with you and your sales team in order to write the telemarketing script that will lead to success for everyone involved. Why leave something as important as your sales to chance? Contact us and see the difference in your sales!

Telesales Scripts | Telemarketing Script

Our telesales scripts are written to get results. You can be confident that when you use us to write your telemarketing scripts, you will see increased conversion rates from sales pitches. In other words, when you use us, you can be assured that your agents will make your sale, and increase your revenue. Don’t let your agents compose sales pitches on the spot; provide them with well-written telemarketing scripts that will really make the sale!

Telesales Scripts | Telemarketing Script

Before you embark on your next telephone campaign, call us. Our telemarketing scripts are top quality, our expertise is unmatched, and our experience working with different businesses should make you feel confident. We’ve written telesales scripts for all sizes of businesses, from large to small ones; we have written for different types of businesses as well. And our prices are extremely affordable! The telemarketing script that we write for your business will help you make the sale. Contact us before you start your next campaign, you’ll be happy that you did!

Telesales Scripts | Telemarketing Scripts

Cold Calling Scripts | Telemarketing Scripts | Telesales Scripts

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