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Q: What is the average price of a telemarketing Script?
A: Prices depend on the services needed. We offer script generation starting at 100usd per script all the way up to 449 usd per script.

Q: How does your company maximize success of its telemarketing scripts?
A: We work hands on with our customers and their telemarketers. We are always willing to rework and tweak a script so it can reach its maximum effectiveness.

Q: Is there a specific niche market that you write scripts for?
A: We specialize in cold calling and warm calling scripts. Having writing hundreds of telemarketing scripts we can confidently say that we have built a name in the business of generating top quality telemarketing scripts

Q: Can any telemarketing company gain from your telemarketing scripts?
A:  Yes. We have helped small mom and pop companies as well as fortune 500 companies. Find out why our scripts are so effect by contacting us today.

In The News
  • Top Telemarketing Scripts was awarded an international contract for creation of lead generation scripts for a large international insurance companies.
  • We have added Eric Saffern to our team. He comes with over 10 years experience in telesales/telemarketing and content writing.
  • We were honored with the prestigious "writers gold" certificate in a seo content writing contest!

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