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Scripts that get results. Everytime.
Our standard rate for telemarketing and cold calling scripts start as low as 375 usd. Depending on your script writing needs and complexity of your project, our costs can reach up to 649 usd per script.

We try and understand each clients value proposition before entering into script writing mode. We do this in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of our cold calling scripts. 

This additional market research takes time and resources. We do this to ensure we get the "full picture" of your industry, Your product and service, and any other possible niche factors that may come into play.

By offering your sales team a professional telemarketing script you are in essence ensuring that each and every sales call has the opportunity to generate a sale.

Contact us today to discuss our professional yet affordable script writing packages.

In The News
  • Top Telemarketing Scripts was awarded an international contract for creation of lead generation scripts for a large international insurance companies.
  • We have added Eric Saffern to our team. He comes with over 10 years experience in telesales/telemarketing and content writing.
  • We were honored with the prestigious "writers gold" certificate in a seo content writing contest!

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